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Women’s Peace Forum held at Gambela for two days wrapped up

Women’s Peace Forum organized by TIMRAN held at Gambela town for two days on February 08 and 09, 2023 wrapped up.

On the second day of the session, the trainer Mrs. Mahder Dadi shared her experience about how women cope with family responsibilities along with empowering and motivating themselves.

In relation to the challenges Gambela women face not participating in the peace-building process of the region; the participants list out cultural domination (clan outlook and undermining women), lack of understanding, fear of acceptance, and lack of access to speaking.

Thus, to increase the regional women’s participation in the peacebuilding process and to become influencers’ women should be ready to shoulder responsibility, support and discuss each other, and organize themselves.

In addition, the forum participants indicate so as to put their print on the peace-building process of the region; by using the regional, zonal, district, and county level structures they give peace deliberations, and work with local elders and religious leaders.

During the discussion, the regional women pointed they are doing their best to participate in the peace-building process; however, to increase their role the trainers advised them to have associations, propose means of resource collection, and collaborate with NGOs.   

The trainers indicate so as to build viable peace in the Gambela region; women could preach for peace, deter men not to participate in conflicts, and share their know-how with the locals about peace.   

To achieve this they could devise a mechanism to alleviate family burdens, propose fear-lessening methods, try to change the quarreling mindset of men, and build means of self-confidence. At the session end, Mr. Robel Abebe briefed TIMRAN activities that focus on Women’s political participation, and decision-making empowerment and thanked the participants and donors that support the event to be successful.

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