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The Role of Female Political Officials to Address GBV

  • Efforts to improve Laws: female politicians should work to improve laws to be more gender-sensitive and they could either initiate or support legal reforms which are designed to eliminate gender-based violence
  • Efforts to Improve Policies: health and education policies profoundly affect responses to violence against women. Female officials and politicians should lobby in support of effective policies by actively engage in the draft and implementation stage of policy making
  • Addressing Poor Enforcement of Laws: existing laws, as they are , should be enforced to prevent violence and serve justice. Public officials and politicians should assert the implementation of laws by pressuring executives to carry out their professional duties.
  • Using Publicity to Create Awareness: Women with high government roles are well known by the public; they should use their reputation to create public awareness on gender-based violence. The issue could easily be put on the media agenda through these officials.
  • Support Research-Based Approaches: researches and assessments on gender-based violence are crucial to propose solutions as well as to evaluate the outcomes of those solutions. Female officials and politicians should support such researches financially, professionally or they should also cooperate with the researchers by directly participating in the assessments.

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