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A women’s peace forum organized by TIMRAN at Semera concluded

A women’s peace forum organized by TIMRAN and held at Semera, Afar, on January 23 and 24, 2023 concluded.

On the forum, a presentation was given by Ethio think tank group on issues including the definition of peace, the causes of lack of peace and its consequences, peacebuilding and women, the scope of sustainable peacebuilding, and womanhood and peace.

Following the presentation issues that cause a lack of peace and their consequences in the Afar region were raised by the peace forum participants. The participants pinpoint ideas that related to the region’s women’s role in peacebuilding and its process. They also discuss the ways the Afar women become a peace leader as well as the peace hurdles in groups.

Among the hurdles, the Afar women face cited, labour division burden on women, women’s own less self-value, eminent early marriage presence mainly in the rural areas, and others.

A culture named “Absuma” is also raised as a major source of conflict in the Afar region during the discussion.

On the forum, the Afar region women’s federation vice chairwoman, Mrs. Amina Hussen, said the region women participated in arbitration, and play their role in conflict resolution, but when the case becomes complex they bestow the issue to be solved by the clan leaders.

In the end, points like women’s forums and associations’ major contributions to peace were raised. Thus, financial and empowerment activities support was pointed out by the participants. 

The participants report on a national peace-building strategy based on group discussion.

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