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A Validation workshop organized by TIMRAN on “Representation of Women in the Ethiopian Judiciary: the Challenges and the Way Outs” conducted

A half-day Validation workshop organized by TIMRAN on “Representation of Women in the Ethiopian Judiciary: the Challenges and the Way Outs” was conducted on March 25, 2023, at Harmony Hotel.

In her opening speech, TIMRAN Executive Directress Eyerusalem Solomon said TIMRAN was established three years ago. She explained within the last three years TIMRAN advocated for women’s meaningful political participation in Ethiopia’s politics including the executive and legislative branches of the government.

In line with this TIMRAN engaged in research, public education, and advocacy activities focusing on political parties, youths, and society at large.

Since women represent more than half of the nation’s population; TIMRAN struggles for meaningful participation of women in every political life of the country. Thus, she engaged in peace-building, national dialogue, and youth leadership.

She noted the validation workshop on women’s representation in the Ethiopian judiciary system is part and parcel of TIMRAN’s objectives to empower women in politics. So, valuable inputs are expected from the discussion, she indicated.  

Following the opening speech, the research conducted by TIMRAN by hiring an independent consultant firm on the topic “Representation of Women in the Ethiopian Judiciary: the Challenges and the Way Outs” was presented by Mrs. Mahder Dadi, a sociologist, social affairs consultant, researcher, and Ph.D. student at Addis Ababa University.   

The researcher said the main objective of the study is to identify the statistical representation of women in the Ethiopian judiciary system, to explore the potential challenges of Ethiopian women in the judiciary, to assess the attitudes of the community towards Ethiopian women in the judiciary, and to figure out possible ways for existing hindrances of Ethiopian women in the judiciary.

After the presentation discussions were made and opinions were forwarded from the participants who gather from different regions that include Cassation Court, Supreme Court, High Court, First Instance Court judges, registrars, prosecutors, attorneys, independent lawyers, law researchers, counselors, lecturers, consultants, and practitioners.

The researchers collected all the forwarded inputs from the discussion and also reflect their ideas on the points that need timely clarification for participants.  

In the end, TIMRAN Executive Directress acknowledged the participants for their full engagement in the discussion and said valuable inputs are collected from the workshop. Since TIMRAN has a scope of work she will distribute some of the ideas forwarded to other civic organizations like the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association and the like to work on it.

TIIMRAN is an indigenous not-for-profit organization registered by the Agency for Civil Societies Organizations in March 2020. TIMRAN emerged as a local nonpartisan civil society organization dedicated to advancing women’s participation in politics and public decision-making in Ethiopia regardless of their political opinion or party affiliation. It is founded by nine Ethiopian citizens who steadfastly united to narrow the gender parity in the country’s politics. TIMRAN is dedicated to carry its share in the nation’s efforts to end the current political environment that is characterized by political gridlock, marginalization, injustice, violence, and rapidly growing ethnic conflict.

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