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ሴቶች በፖለቲካ አመራር ውስጥ እኩል ተሳትፎ የሚያስፈልጋቸው ለምንድነው?

  • የሴቶች እኩልነት ግብ ዴሞክራሲያዊነት በመኾኑ
  • የሴቶች ድምፆች እና ፍላጎቶች ውክልና ስለሚያስፈልጋቸው
  • የጾታ ሚና ኢ-ፍትሐዊነትን መለወጥ አስፈላጊ በመኾኑ
  • የፖለቲካ ሥርዓቱ የሴቶችን እሴቶች ያካተተ እንዲኾን ለማስቻል

Why do we need equal participation of women in political leadership?

  • Equality of women as an end to democracy
  • Representation of women’s voices and interests
  • The necessity of transforming inequitable gender roles
  • Infusing the political system with feminine values

Adapted from a paper entitled WOMEN’S POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT IN ETHIOPIA presented at the International Conference of Ethiopian Women in the Diaspora held from March 9-11, 2012 by Birtukan Midekssa, the current Chairperson of the National Election Board of Ethiopia

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